Thursday, July 9, 2015

Doodle Day

Had a scrappy day with some if the girls this week. I didn't have any photos ready to go so instead of scrappy goodies I packed up some watercolors and sketchbooks.

I also worked in my planner a bit. I use a sketchbook for that as well.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Planner Planning

I've been working on my planner the last couple of days. I switched a month ago from the full size binder I was using to a sketch book and I like it so much better. I thought I'd share a few pages with you.

I'm a list maker. I don't need to see y he entire calendar month each day- I prefer to put appointments into the calendar on my phone since it alerts me. But I still have a huge need to write things down, so I make a to-do list almost every day.

This is a great way to use up Project Life and other cards. 
I won't be doing much else but being excited 
for our Disney trip during the month of September! 
I'll be adding more as I use the pages. I'm an absent-minded doodler so I know these pages will be filled. 

This sketch book is large enough for me to use for 2016, too. That makes me happy. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pretty Metal Flowers

These turned out so well!

Two coats of Patio Paint and a little sand paper to let the original colors through, and I love them all over again. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Giving New Life to Old Garden Decor

I love buying garden decor at Hobby Lobby on clearance!
I've got a couple of super cool metal flowers I purchased there YEARS ago. 
They have become quite faded and really should have been repainted three years ago,
 but, well, I'm lazy!

The frog prince is the very first outdoor item I purchased for this home, so it's very special to me.
His crown is broken, and he's super faded, but I can't part with him.
 When we sell, I'll leave him in the bushes 
and hope that the next owners will love him too.

The flowers have two coats of Patio Paint acrylic paint.
It dried super fast and looks great! 
The frog also has Patio Paint , but he's not finished yet.

I've also been working on blocks for around the garden. 
Using cheap construction blocks and a bag of Thin Set Mortar, I've been making these tacky blocks. 
I call them Delightfully Tacky! :)

It's very simple to do- gather stuff you want to stick on the blocks like mosaic tiles, broken china, 
flat backed marbles, etc. I even did pennies on the top edges of some because they help deter snails.

Mix up the Thin Set according to the bag (I don't really measure anything, I just dump some of the mix into a container and add water a bit at a time till it's the consistency of frosting). Use a Popsicle stick or something else disposable and smear the Thin Set on the back 
of the piece that you want to adhere, then press it onto the block.
 Continue on till your design is finished. Let it dry overnight, then grout.
Let grout dry for two days and then they can go outdoors.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Spring!

Hallelujah I think spring might actually, finally, be here!! Today it was above 60 degrees, wonderfully sunny, and not windy. A really perfect day. I was so happy to be outside today with the dogs and the critters, just playing and baking in the sun.

I've picked up some new hobbies- crocheting for one.  I have a few small crocheted items in my Etsy shop. I'd love it if you'd take a look and tell me what you think of them!

I'm doing a craft show here in town on May 2nd. Hopefully it will go well and be a sign of good things to come, because I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Over the next month or so I anticipate having lots of crafty things to share with you.

But for now.....

Here's that rotten weenie, Sammy.
He's so darn cute, if not a brat!

I got a little overzealous in my gardening this year.
Started too early, so hopefully everything will make it.

Working on what I call "delightfully tacky" blocks to go around the veggie garden.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Item in Etsy Shop

You've just got to see this sweet altered domino necklace. Made with vintage dictionary paper, resin, and more, it's sweet and adorable. Check it out in the shop! Just go to Etsy and search Aimee Fleck Art (or click on the mini shop at the right side of this page).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just Doodlin' Around

Been doodling at work, it's great stress relief :)

Faber Castell Pitt pen, Copelle sketch book, waterer colors